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part 2

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I was really busy. Yesterday I went to class at 7: 30. At school I and the teacher made a coin purse. Then after we went to the Macadamia nut farm. The tour was OK but we had to stay inside for most of the time because it was raining.

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This summer me and my mom came to Guatemala. We have only been here for a few days and I can tell it is gonna be lots of fun! Today we went to Spanish school from 8 to 12. It was fun and I learned some new words. After school me and my mama came to the person we are staying with house and had lunch. Then we went to the center of the town and got ice creme. We…

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Livin’ Lite ?>

Livin’ Lite

Has anyone ever seen the show Tiny Houses?  There are actually a lot of shows in this vein on HGTV.  I admit that I have seen these shows and not been tempted to live in a tiny house.  Not even by myself, much less with Dan and 2 kids.  Well, in retrospect, tiny camper living was not so bad.  It was aided by the fact that we didn’t bring that much stuff and we didn’t really *need* anything while on vacation….

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You read my last post..we have to go back in time one more day. We’re going to yesterday. It was Saturday. The first night we did was went somewhere with space for trailers. And there was room for a car and a tent. I think Yellowstone used just as much space. We were at Yellowstone National Park.   Then we went to hot springs. We’re going to the night. We went to a ranger program..we have been to a lot of…

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Yellowstone National Parks ?>

Yellowstone National Parks

Today we saw bison! And we also saw a moose. We saw TRUMPETER SWANS! We heard that there were only a dozen pairs in the park. They were standing in front of their sign. If I were an animal I would stand in front of my sign too. If I were a weasel I would stand in front of the beaver sign and see how many people said, “Oh look there is a beaver.” Ahem, Ahem.   We saw Old…

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Night Skies ?>

Night Skies

Last night we slept in the most beautiful, remote campground I’ve ever seen. It was tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains in rural northern Nevada, about 10 miles or so off the road from the interstate. We climbed up the side of the mountain and were rewarded with a campsite next to a glacier-formed lake. We got in around dusk, so instead of exploring, I decided to play around with our new camera to try to…

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Lake Tahoe ?>

Lake Tahoe

It was a dark and stormy night. We saw a lake. I think its name was Lake Tahoe. I don’t know it was dark and stormy. All hope seemed lost and then we got to our house. That isn’t what really happened, but it is a great adventure novel. You can steal it from me, but I get half the money. So we saw a lake and I knew its name was Lake Tahoe because we were in Tahoe and…

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Lake Tahoe Reunion ?>

Lake Tahoe Reunion

If you are going to have a family reunion, do it right!  This year we decided to take our family reunion to the west coast!  This is actually what initiated the cross-country road trip.  So this week, we and the rest of the Fuller clan have hung out in a house we rented in South Lake Tahoe.  Great house.  It has a ping-pong table, pool table, shuffleboard and a hot tub.  So everyone met up here from 4 different states…

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Accidental Internet Detox ?>

Accidental Internet Detox

The only real issue I has been that the Internet quit in Albuquerque and didn’t pick back up again until I reached California. I had not over planned this trip because so much has been going on. I figured we could just take it as it went. However, there are a whole list of things that I cannot do without internet: check gas prices on Gas Buddy, route using Google Maps, and check websites for information about activities. By the time…

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