Accidental Internet Detox ?>

Accidental Internet Detox

The only real issue I has been that the Internet quit in Albuquerque and didn’t pick back up again until I reached California. I had not over planned this trip because so much has been going on. I figured we could just take it as it went. However, there are a whole list of things that I cannot do without internet: check gas prices on Gas Buddy, route using Google Maps, and check websites for information about activities. By the time we hit the Grand Canyon I was literally distraught. I did manage to squeak out a wi-fi connection the last night at the Grand Canyon research library by hanging outside. So I was able to get directions on how to get from the Grand Canyon to LA. This made me feel much better!

Then I realized that no matter where I was Dan’s phone was consistently getting one level better service than I was. If I had 3G, he had LTE. If I had 1X, he had 3G. Really? Since we have the same phone and the same phone plan, I sent C-Spire a message and it seems that my SIM card went out. Apparently your phone has to be on home network to activate a SIM so my only choice was to FedEx my phone to a friend, have them take it into the store and then FedEx it back to me. Sooooo, I am making do until we get back to Mississippi, but that will be the first thing I do when I get there!

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