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Hey, where does this thing go? ?>

Hey, where does this thing go?

Today was my first class in Arabic.  It began at 8 am so I had to travel from my apartment (north of the city) to the class in the center.  We have only traveled by taxi and someone had told me that you can prearrange a taxi, but I was too chicken to talk to the cab driver the day before.  I thought I’d go to the cab office in the morning and ask.  Ha!  In the morning there are…

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How to make something disgusting and the Hattiesburg Zoo ?>

How to make something disgusting and the Hattiesburg Zoo

Get 1 cup of cornflower. Get 1/2 a cup of water. And green food coloring. Mix and chase sister with. (no offense sisters out there.) I went to the zoo this week.  I saw lots of animals including a tiger.  The great thing was that I was taller than the entire body.  I was just below the eye on the scale of a tiger.  I also saw a peacock.  Weirdly, he sounded like a howler monkey. I also saw ringed…

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Cats are Purrfect ?>

Cats are Purrfect

My name is Maggie if you don’t know. I don’t have a lot of money, but I don’t care because I have 2 cats. Everyone loves cats. (If you love cats keep reading.) Every cat is Purrfect. I think that cats are different than people, but just because they are different they should not be treated differently.  I think you should be yourself, even if you are a cat.  You still have a life.  It is not like you don’t. …

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About the name… ?>

About the name…

FullerNotes began as the domain for my classroom sites at both the high school and middle school. I used the domain primarily as a place to host our class calendar, and as a publishing platform for some of our in-class digital projects over the years. When I transitioned to the community college, I switched all my class work over to Canvas. Since the LMS does almost everything that I need, this site became orphaned. When we were looking for a…

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