Cats are Purrfect ?>

Cats are Purrfect

My name is Maggie if you don’t know. I don’t have a lot of money, but I don’t care because I have 2 cats. Everyone loves cats.

(If you love cats keep reading.) Every cat is Purrfect.

I think that cats are different than people, but just because they are different they should not be treated differently.  I think you should be yourself, even if you are a cat.  You still have a life.  It is not like you don’t.  So everyone needs to be there to support you.  Cats are the same way.  You can’t leave them with no water, and you can’t leave them with no food.  it is just mean.  I just think that it is mean, because what if that was you?  Would you want to be treated the same? No, you wouldn’t.

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