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Zip lining (no lines were harmed in the making of this blog) ?>

Zip lining (no lines were harmed in the making of this blog)

I did not actually zip line if you were worried. I did do a 4-mile marathon though. My dad ran too. (Huff, puff) I’m going to start at the beginning now. I went to school and blah, blah, blah. Let’s cut to chase. We were raising money for schools in Jericho that got torn down. They called it white boards on wheels. I got a medal for running. It had a hand holding a torch on it. Now time to…

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Observations as an ASL parent ?>

Observations as an ASL parent

As we have mentioned before, my kids are attending a local school. We were incredibly lucky to get a slot only a few weeks before school started and the longer we are here, we have realized how lucky we are. Their school is easily one of the top schools in the area and many people say it is in the top 2. At their school, they each take a long list of classes: English Arabic English Math Arabic Math English…

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We went to Petra ?>

We went to Petra

We went to Petra. There were donkeys, camels and, unfortunately, no red pandas. I’m very disappointed in the lack of red pandas. <in the desert> Though there was a very big staircase 950 steps <the step count varies from 850-950>. On the way to Petra we saw many, many Ibex and there was a baby one. This is immensely cute. We saw some random building and Maggie insisted on taking a picture in front of it. Then we went through…

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Motorcycles! ?>


We saw a motorcycle show. (If any of you know how really hypnotize someone tell me in the comments I mean it) We had a exciting time. 4ufggfdjdhgd. (sorry problem with the keys) In Bethlehem (see maggie’s post) a stunt man was taking photos and there was a crowd after 2 minutes. That guy cannot go anywhere without a crowd following him. The stunts he did were standing up on the motorcycle.  I think I saw him do a handstand…

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Our weekend ?>

Our weekend

Today I am going to be talking about the fun run I did.  This fun run was a 4k and yet at the end all they handed out to you was water!  That was your prize.  It was only kids.  Literally you had to be younger than 15.  Since they had no prizes but water, we got ice cream!  There were also people on the track squirting you with water which was actually very helpful because you were running a 4k….

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After School – Will ?>

After School – Will

Here is Will’s interview after his 3rd day of school! After school – Will: What was the most fun thing? The most fun thing is recess. On Saturday, the day that our class and one other class gets the field, I go down to play soccer. On other days, I walk around and see if anyone wants to play. What was one thing that was different? One thing that was different was it is in Palestine. People speak Arabic. What…

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First day of school – Before ?>

First day of school – Before

I’m really interested in how the kids do at school.  Mostly I’d like to know how the home side of an ESL (or in this case ASL – Arabic as a Second Language) is for a student.  So, I’m doing a little side research on that.  The kids are getting interviewed to see how things go. Pre-questions: Will:  He will be in the upper school. Will is excited.  He is however, NOT going to tell anyone that.  He keeps saying…

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Talking about Lunch ?>

Talking about Lunch

Today I’m going to talk about my lunch. I know, boring. But actually it was not so boring. I ate kebabs with lamb. Live lamb. I’ll be living the rest of my life on the lamb. Actually, it wasn’t live – it was dead and delicious. The restaurant was peculiar. It had many things and was decorated with many things. I saw a chess board and also a mannequin head. We walked to the restaurant in the Old City. None…

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