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I yakked a lot.  A lot of yakking.  On Monday, I yakked a LOT.  I yakked about being in Palestine and there were a lot of jokes.  I yakked with my whole Pathways class.

So, this was my powerpoint:

During the whole thing it was very hard to concentrate because everyone kept bunny-earing each other.  So, the questions they asked were very good questions.  For example, one person asked if I had done anything in Palestine.  If you have read my blogs at all you would know that I have done many, many, many, many things, in that order.  And also someone asked if I played Pokemon Go! here. <ahem, Mommy>

<Mommy says: I know that this is a missed opportunity and all, but we have deemed Pokemon Go! to be a colossal waste of time and banned it from apps that can possibly be loaded onto kid devices.>

You monster!

Back to the video call. Now, before we had this immense computer argument I was talking about the vid! Wait that came out wrong.  The students asked if I had a house.  I told them I didn’t have a house, I have an apartment.  I asked them how it was going with them.  Of course I didn’t get a clear answer because there were 5 heads talking at once.  And I am not talking about just heads.  I am talking about heads attached to bodies because floating heads would just be weird.

Ok, I spent enough time on the floating heads subject.  Now it is time to move on to more pressing matters: I ate the cookies.  Whew I feel good to get that off my chest.

It was really fun to talk to my friends.  I’m glad that I got to talk to them and I can’t wait to see them again in January!

One thought on “Yakking

  1. Will, I enjoyed your blog and your PowerPoint presentation. I’m so glad you are having such a great time!

    A couple of observations:
    -I am relieved that your friends have bodies attached to their heads.
    -Your mom’s right about Pokémon being a waste of time.

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