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How many students are in this class??? ?>

How many students are in this class???

When you arrive at a school for your first visit, usually someone will become your sponsor and walk you around.  They will introduce you to the principal, all the English teachers and find classes for you to visit. Meeting with a principal is always interesting because there is the expected sit down and chat (How do you like it here?  Oh, so your children are here!  What school do they go to? Are you doing ok?) which eventually moves to…

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To Future Fulbrighters ?>

To Future Fulbrighters

Last week, I tallied up the school visits I have been able to accomplish.  So far, it looks like I have had 18 visits to 5 different schools.  I was able to teach a sample lesson at 1 school already and I have 1 more this week.  I feel like an old pro at school visits. It was tough getting permission to visit schools at first.  I mentioned before that since I am only the 2nd group of Fulbright DATs…

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I miss teaching ?>

I miss teaching

Teachers will understand this.  There are a lot of feelings associated with teaching. For example:   Then there are the first day of school Pinterest photos showing the utopia of teaching. What I miss though is the day to day because I really *like* teaching. I avoided this career.  I come from a family of teachers.  I mean EVERYONE is a teacher (mom, 3 aunts, grandmother, multiple cousins of all generations, you get the picture).  My dad was planning on being a…

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Southern Cooking Internationally ?>

Southern Cooking Internationally

This is Thanksgiving week. If it was just us here, I think I wouldn’t have bothered with a big meal because all the things I like to cook for the holidays my kids won’t eat anyway. However, we have been invited to a friend’s house for a potluck American Thanksgiving, so that gives me the chance to cook up all the things that I like to eat anyway! Namely, I have volunteered to make: Lemon pie (without meringue because I…

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Observations as an ASL parent ?>

Observations as an ASL parent

As we have mentioned before, my kids are attending a local school. We were incredibly lucky to get a slot only a few weeks before school started and the longer we are here, we have realized how lucky we are. Their school is easily one of the top schools in the area and many people say it is in the top 2. At their school, they each take a long list of classes: English Arabic English Math Arabic Math English…

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Observations about Schools ?>

Observations about Schools

The great thing about the busy social calendar is that we meet a lot of people. One of the luckiest breaks in my research has been that two of my kids’ friends have both an uncle AND an aunt who are supervisors at the Ministry of Education (MOE). They were really helpful in giving me an overview of the educational system in the area. Plus, my advisor at the university was able to get appointments for me with the principals…

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Day in the Life ?>

Day in the Life

I have hit a rhythm now with my research. I had a little hiccup this week since I caught a stomach bug and had to stay home an extra day because the servee ride to the university makes me carsick on a good day! But I have successfully had 8 observations days, with multiple classes each day, and 4 on-the-record interviews. Considering I didn’t really get to “start” until September 24, I’m counting that as a win. My day starts (Monday-Thursday)…

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Playing Tourist ?>

Playing Tourist

I went on another school sponsored excursion recently.  This time we went to a local town.  I thought for sure that we wouldn’t be home until later because of the long list of things that would see, but it actually made for a very relaxing day! Our first stop was the local community center.  They have a lot of neat things going on there.  One summer they did a kid’s camp using reclaimed doors from houses that had been demolished….

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Speaking Arabic ?>

Speaking Arabic

As promised to some of my students, here is a video of me speaking Arabic.  I am reading off my homework sentences for all to hear.  My homework for this evening is practicing reading some conversations, but honestly I am terrible at reading Arabic script so I skipped videoing that one!  Give me a few more weeks! For those of you wondering if I am forgetting my Spanish.  No.  I actually keep tossing Spanish words in accidentally when I forget…

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If wishes were… ?>

If wishes were…

Let’s take a moment and write a little post for those who will go after me.  (Like on their #fulbrightteach in January!)  Currently for international flights each passenger gets one 62″ suitcase.  Which means you add length+width+height and the result is 62″ or less.  Suitcases can be 50 lbs.  You may have additional weight for extra fees or a second bag for about $100.  That means that space is at a premium.  In our family, our plan was to bring…

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