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Month: August 2016

What’ll ya have? ?>

What’ll ya have?

We made it to Atlanta and have a few hours in the international terminal before the red-eye to Amsterdam. Much swankier than I expected, though Will & I skipped the fine dining and opted for the airport version of this Atlanta landmark… Will ordered the naked dogs with extra bacon (I don’t think he knows that bacon may be in short supply soon), while I had to go with chili dogs. Not exactly the downtown experience, but pretty tasty all…

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Off we go into the wild, blue yonder ?>

Off we go into the wild, blue yonder

We have begun our adventure!  Will has a great window seat with a view of the engine turbine.  He is actually impressed. We have wrapped up Maggie’s broken arm…mostly so people notice it and steer clear.  She wiggles out of it all the time so I don’t know that it is doing a lot of stabilization. Mom and dad came to see us off (and drive home our car).  They had the presence of mind to take a picture.  Dan…

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Along for the ride ?>

Along for the ride

Just a couple more nights in Mississippi, and we’ll be off for our grand adventure. As my Dean of Students told me today, “Congratulations, but really I should tell that to your wife; aren’t you just along for the ride?”¬† Yep, that’s my official role on this trip – along for the ride. ūüôā Today, I brought all my students to the lab that we’re going to use this semester. I’m teaching my classes via webcam and with a telepresence…

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Packing! ?>


Initially, after reading all the suggestion blogs and in talking to friends, we had intended on packing 1-2 weeks before we left. ¬†However, in reality, we don’t own enough clothes to do that. ¬†So we set aside the things that we intended on packing and have them stacked on top of the suitcases and in the corners. ¬†Did I mention that it is really hard to pack for winter in August? We did accomplish: Buying new suitcases – Our old…

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Washington DC – Now I’m oriented! ?>

Washington DC – Now I’m oriented!

After attending orientation, I had a couple of hours to kill while I waited until time to go to the airport. ¬†Hmmm…I’m in DC a couple of blocks from the White House. ¬†What should I do for the afternoon? Taking a picture of the White House is serious business! ¬†The¬†security must have been heightened due to Delta’s snafu with the computers. ¬†On either side of the photo there were Secret Service members in bulletproof vests yelling at anyone that stepped…

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Orientation is in the books ?>

Orientation is in the books

In less than 4 weeks, my family and I will be in the Palestinian Territories. ¬†We will fly into Tel Aviv and then go to Jerusalem for meetings with the consulate before we head to Ramallah. ¬†We have found schools for the kids, have some leads on apartments and have made connections for my research. ¬†Everything is falling into place. ¬†It still seems unreal. This week I headed to DC (sans children) to orient myself to the Fulbright experience. ¬†Met…

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Back to School ?>

Back to School

Monday marked the first day back for teachers. ¬†Students will return on Thursday. ¬†In the meantime, I am frantically trying to merge multiple to-do lists so that nothing gets left behind. ¬†First we have the normal back to school things: checking schedules to make sure students are in the right classes, sorting students by teacher so that I can pass out accommodations in a timely manner, and keeping track of new enrollees so that they can be screened for English…

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