Orientation is in the books ?>

Orientation is in the books

In less than 4 weeks, my family and I will be in the Palestinian Territories.  We will fly into Tel Aviv and then go to Jerusalem for meetings with the consulate before we head to Ramallah.  We have found schools for the kids, have some leads on apartments and have made connections for my research.  Everything is falling into place.  It still seems unreal.

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This week I headed to DC (sans children) to orient myself to the Fulbright experience.  Met the staff, alumni, and fellow Fulbrighters.  One of the highlights was meeting my counterparts from the Palestinian Territories.  They were so welcoming and excited that I was going.  Best part?  They come back a couple of weeks before we leave and one of them lives in Ramallah!  We are going to try to meet up when the time comes.  God willing.

I’m so excited to see how all of our projects develop!  Everyone has such great questions that they are investigating.  For now, I’m headed home to pack.   According to the ladies from PT, I’m a little behind!

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  1. The wonder of flying to know another place is the best there is. On the other side of the world, you learn from a new source of learning from them and they learn from us.

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