Taking Spanish classes ?>

Taking Spanish classes

To fill out Maggie’s stories of our adventure to Guatemala, I thought I’d spend a bit of time explaining the nuts and bolts of what on Earth Maggie and I are doing! 😝

So if you have heard me speak Spanish you know I’m a hot mess. 🙄 So Dan and I decided to send me to an immersion Spanish school. Long story short, we decided to come to Guatemala. Dan and Will are super busy in the month of June; Maggie and I are in the month of July. So just Maggie and I came. We are here for 3 weeks (May 25 to June 17). We are taking classes and staying with a host family for the first 2 weeks and for the third we are still thinking.

We are both taking one-on-one classes during the week. Maggie’s teacher told me yesterday at the Macadamia Nut farm that Maggie is the oldest kid she ever had. They have been as young as 2, but the oldest was 6! She is so relieved that Maggie already knows what subjects and verbs are! For my class they put me in the level 1 book (good call) and we reviewed the first two days worth really fast. Today we finished all the irregular present tense verbs and tomorrow we start past tense! 😳 I will have to see how that goes. In the afternoons we are going on an adventure until like 5 or so and then coming back to study and relax.

During our 4-hour class every day we get a 30 minute break to recharge. Maggie and I have been hitting up snacks around the park. One day we went to get fresh fruit (yum!) And the others we went to the store and got chips and candy. We are working our way through the snack selection to decide what we like. We found some guacamole chips that taste like Doritos that we think Will is gonna like cause they are both green AND taste like his favorite chips!

Link to our Spanish school:

MUNDO Spanish School

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