Speaking Arabic ?>

Speaking Arabic

As promised to some of my students, here is a video of me speaking Arabic.  I am reading off my homework sentences for all to hear.  My homework for this evening is practicing reading some conversations, but honestly I am terrible at reading Arabic script so I skipped videoing that one!  Give me a few more weeks!

For those of you wondering if I am forgetting my Spanish.  No.  I actually keep tossing Spanish words in accidentally when I forget the Arabic word!  I’m getting better at that though.  I’ll need practice in both languages though when I get back.  Maybe we can make Thursday mornings for Arabic practice and Fridays for Spanish?

Have fun watching.  No giggling!  However, I am up for comments!


10 thoughts on “Speaking Arabic

  1. Hey, Mrs. Fuller, I can’t believe that you really just talked in Arabic and you did pretty good. Just say howwa for he (in Arabic) it would be better this way 🙂 Here this is a really good website I just found, it has the names in Arabic and English and it says how to say it in Arabic- http://arabic.desert-sky.net/g_pronouns.html

  2. Great job! (This from a totally non Arabic speaking person.) But I am your mother so it is still very good to me.

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