After School – Will ?>

After School – Will

Here is Will’s interview after his 3rd day of school!

After school – Will:

  • What was the most fun thing?
    The most fun thing is recess. On Saturday, the day that our class and one other class gets the field, I go down to play soccer. On other days, I walk around and see if anyone wants to play.
  • What was one thing that was different?
    One thing that was different was it is in Palestine. People speak Arabic.
  • What is your favorite class so far?
    So far, Art is my favorite class. Because in art no one is speaking Arabic so I don’t have wait for the teacher to say it in English.
  • How did you feel when everyone was talking in Arabic?
    Confused because everyone was speaking another language.
  • How many people in your class speak English?
    Well, it is a private school, so half of them I think are probably from America. So most of the people in my class do speak English. To other people they speak in Arabic, but to me they speak in English.
  • What was the most confusing thing?
    Trying to figure out where everything was in my backpack. It was especially hard for really small books, like my notebook or something. Also my backpack is so full that I have to slide stuff into the back, which makes it kinda hard to see.
  • What did you wish the teachers/other students had done to help you?
    Well, they are all being very helpful, so I just kinda wish that the person sitting next to me would stop leaning over to tell me what class it is. Because I am looking at my schedule and they lean over and tell me, “Hey, it is science.”
  • Did you learn any Arabic today?

4 thoughts on “After School – Will

  1. Will does very well with interviews He always speaks his mind opely and honestly. I am tickled that he and Maggie are adapting so quickly to their new surroundings.

  2. Hi Will ! I was so excited to see you are doing well. We miss you here at M.A.U.E. We are doing our funrun activities this week also. We are starting homecoming week so everyone is excited about football around here. Several of our friends in class travel to attend state games. We are hoping for some cool weather soon.

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