After School – Maggie ?>

After School – Maggie

After school – Maggie:

  • What was the most fun thing?

I can’t answer that because everything was fun.

  • What was one thing that was different?

Can I name 2 things? Everybody speaks Arabic and we had different teachers for every class. The teachers move, but we don’t.

  • What is your favorite class so far?

Art. Because we get to color, draw and she (teacher) looks pretty. She is also the music teacher for my school and Will’s school.

  • How did you feel when everyone was talking in Arabic?

Nothing because I don’t hear a lot of people talking in Arabic. Most people don’t speak Arabic, most people speak like any language. A lot of people speak two languages or 3.

  • How many people in your class speak English?

Every single person.

  • What was the most confusing thing?

IT because it could either be special or computer class.

  • What did you wish the teachers/other students had done to help you?

Nothing because they have always helped me.

  • Did you learn any Arabic yet?

Yes, I just don’t know what it means. I can read the numbers.

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