We went to Petra ?>

We went to Petra

We went to Petra. There were donkeys, camels and, unfortunately, no red pandas. I’m very disappointed in the lack of red pandas. <in the desert> Though there was a very big staircase 950 steps <the step count varies from 850-950>.

On the way to Petra we saw many, many Ibex and there was a baby one.


This is immensely cute.

We saw some random building and Maggie insisted on taking a picture in front of it. Then we went through The Siq. It was a very tight thingy.

Then we saw the Treasury. The Treasury was important because it had camels. The Treasury is called that because people thought there was treasure up in the ball thing. So they shot it but unfortunately it failed because they couldn’t knock it down. There was no treasure, they probably thought it was made of gold.


There was a hole in the back. I think that is where they kept the treasure and no one noticed it.



We went to a coliseum with a lot of seats. I think it is called an amphitheater. I think I saw Chinese or Japanese writing. My theory is that the Chinese came also looking for the gold treasure but they went to the wrong place. So they wrote “Treasure not here” to be helpful to other people. <for the record this is a mixture of smoke and natural rock formations>



So we rode on a camel. After we came down we had an offer to ride on a donkey which we did the next day. Whenever the camel sat down or stood up I felt like I might throw up. That is actually what I felt like, no lie.


Back to the camels they felt they were bobbing constantly like a ship. Maybe that is why they called them ships of the desert. I’m not sure.


And also does this look like an orangutan or Jafar’s snake?



We also saw the Monastary. There was a sign that said view. You could not go inside the Monastery or climb. I think if you can’t climb or go inside something then I think it is boring.


We do have our own Flat Stanley, Maggie’s dog Cookie!


So that is the end of the blog

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