Talking about Lunch ?>

Talking about Lunch

Today I’m going to talk about my lunch. I know, boring. But actually it was not so boring. I ate kebabs with lamb. Live lamb. I’ll be living the rest of my life on the lamb. Actually, it wasn’t live – it was dead and delicious. The restaurant was peculiar. It had many things and was decorated with many things. I saw a chess board and also a mannequin head.

We walked to the restaurant in the Old City. None of the busses or trains are running because it’s Shabbot. Shabbot is a day where everyone gets to sit around their homes and watch TV. None of the busses run and no one is driving cars so you can stand in the middle of the street and be just fine. We heard a siren yesterday which told us it was Shabbot time.

I walked on top of the ramparts, but I didn’t see anything streaming. #nationalanthemjoke The ramparts are on top of the old city wall. They had places where they could shoot arrows a long time ago.

On our way to the restaurant outside our hotel, there are misters. They basically shot out water but they had a thing that when the water shot up it made mist appear. It was handy since this place has things on top of the rooftops to get water. We’re in a desert. Our apartment is on the 4th floor and it gives us a great view of buildings. There’s a toy shop down the road a bit. I know it’s a toy shop because there’s a big bear in the window. My sister also has a big bear, but when she has it, she calls it beary and talks like a baby. Our parents get on to her about that, so I try to hide it. Eventually, she’ll figure out it’s just a stuffed animal.


There are a lot of kids on bikes here because their parents need to walk to access Pokemon Go. Every once in a while their parents stop to catch a Pikachu or go to a gym. I have seen many, many people with cellphones.

Okay, back to lunch. Now they had 200 different salads. They literally handed us 12 different kinds of salads. Including pickles! And also we ate tomatoes, hummus, tabbouleh, and others. I liked the corn, but the pickles were a bit too spicy because they had a jalapeno on them. We drank mint lemonade. If you don’t know what mint is, google it. Basically they put leaves in our lemonade and it was delicious!

If you come to Jerusalem, drink the mint lemonade.  Though when you fly in, I have pity on you because your ears will pop like crazy and it will hurt. And the only way to get out of it is to chew gum. Make sure you have some good flavored gum, or else you’ll just spit it right out.  Tomorrow, we are going to explore even more of the city — stay tuned!

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  1. I’m going to live the rest of my life on the lamb too. I am laughing so hard at this! Love it! Have fun! I love kebabs!

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