The first time ?>

The first time

At the airplane, it was so fun.  We went into the airplane and we got to sleep overnight.  So after we slept, they served breakfast.  It was 2 in the morning.  That’s really early. So this guy, I don’t know what his name was, but this is funny.  So he held up my mom’s name.  So we got to go to one of those convertible things, that isn’t an escalator.  Instead of the stairs it is just going straight so you don’t have walk.  After that we went to go and get our stamp to go out of the airport.  Then we got in the man’s car.  The weird thing is that he worked for the US Consulate.  So, he drove and for the whole time he was talking and talking and talking and talking, but he was talking to my mom. All of the time he was talking to my mom. Sometimes he talked to my dad, but most of the time he was talking to my mom.


So then, he dropped us off at 4:30 am so we went to our hotel.    We slept until 10:30!  My mom slept until 9:30, but she let us stay in bed.  I don’t know why.

So we were in Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem we went to  eat.  Then, after we ate, we went back to our hotel.  Then after that we went to our room in the hotel.  In the hotel, we watched some TV.  It was in Arabic, Russian and Hebrew, but we found that didn’t have any words.  It was a prank show.  The best prank was the one with the cheerleaders.

The next day (today) we walked on the walls of Jerusalem, but it was so long of a walk.  I was really tired.  Really, really, really tired.


So the Check-in Jerusalem Hotel is different than others.  It has a gate, then it has a lock on the door, so no one can get in.  It is weird.  Why do they do it.  Maybe it is security.  I don’t really know.

That leaves me now!  Writing my blog post.

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