Lake Tahoe Reunion ?>

Lake Tahoe Reunion

If you are going to have a family reunion, do it right!  This year we decided to take our family reunion to the west coast!  This is actually what initiated the cross-country road trip.  So this week, we and the rest of the Fuller clan have hung out in a house we rented in South Lake Tahoe.  Great house.  It has a ping-pong table, pool table, shuffleboard and a hot tub.  So everyone met up here from 4 different states and 5 different locations.  We are missing Diana and Dena, but have representatives from each of their families.  🙂


Since we are here at Lake Tahoe, home of the outdoors, we did lots of outdoorsy things.  We hiked up the side of a mountain to see a waterfall, we went to a picnic and we followed up by hanging out at the beach.  I’m not normally known for being terribly outdoorsy.  After national parks, I’m kinda outdoors-ed out.  However, I am a participator so we joined right on in.  Dan owes me ice cream and a coca-cola tomorrow to make up for all these activities, but the amount of walking I am doing has shot right on up!

Of course any weight loss associated with the extra activity is negated by the extra corn syrup and sugar needed to regain happiness after being dusty, sandy and dirty.  🙂  It isn’t so much the physical activity that bothers me, it is the being dirty and not being able to immediately get clean.  Case in point.  I usually plant a tomato garden every year.  I wash my hand about 5 times an hour (minimum) while tending to the garden.


Will and Maggie making sandcastles with the mountains in the background.


Maggie sunbathing after climbing up to the waterfall.



Uncle Ben made finger mustaches for each of the kids with thumb beards!


Surprise highlight of the day.  Pizza delivered to the house!  We have lived in Raymond since the kids were little so they have never had pizza delivered before.  Will took the pizza, Maggie gave him the tip, and I signed the receipt.


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