Lake Tahoe ?>

Lake Tahoe

It was a dark and stormy night. We saw a lake. I think its name was Lake Tahoe. I don’t know it was dark and stormy. All hope seemed lost and then we got to our house.

That isn’t what really happened, but it is a great adventure novel. You can steal it from me, but I get half the money.

So we saw a lake and I knew its name was Lake Tahoe because we were in Tahoe and I saw a sign that said “Welcome to Lake Tahoe.” Some of it is deep and some of it is not. The part that is deep is for boat areas, and the part that is not is for swimming. I did both of the parts. One of them I did not like and one that I did. Then we went home to our house. We had a clubhouse. I am not going to talk about the clubhouse because Will is going to in his blog. We had a clubhouse and it was super fun. But that was our whole room because it wasn’t so good because there wasn’t a real bed. So I don’t think I would suggest anyone over the age of 10.

Then we saw a bear. Hey grownups. Mostly grownups and kids. If you see a moose, you use the thumb rule. If you can cover it with your finger, you are ok. If you see a bear walk as far away as possible. My family did not do that! Not my Pape family, my Fuller family. It was super, super silly so I taught my family that rule. And I got to say that they were crazy.

picture 2016-07-18 at 5.04.42 PM

<Note: that is the corner of Dad’s truck!>

So kids ladies and gentlemen, I am really sad that I have to end this blog, but I have to. It is my bedtime. And until next time. Eat more candy. If you have lost all your teeth, do that. If you are over the age of 40, do that motto.

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