Fun things we did in July ?>

Fun things we did in July

It was a dark and stormy night. The water rushed quickly down the stream. It was up to my waist. I didn’t know how I could survive a day in that stream. Okay, that is not really what happened. But that is a great adventure novel. I think I’ll do that when I grow up.


So it was the middle of the day. We got to do it after lunch. We were so excited. Then we went into the waterfall. Me, Maggie, the shortest, the youngest, did everything at the waterfall first. I went behind the cave. I was the first one to go through the waterfall. So I say that the boys in my family are scaredy cats.


At the waterfall, mom didn’t move much and she was the one that wanted to go to the waterfall. I think my whole family is scaredy cats!


Ok, I’m so sorry, but we will have to go to another subject. I went to this uh Pioneer Village. We saw everything. At the carriage ride, this is how you got a ticket.




You went to this building and everything was how it was when the pioneers were there: the cash register, the telephone booth, the telephone like when my grandfather was alive. So we got tickets that looked just like they did when the pioneers were alive.




You know those stagecoaches like when the pioneers were alive? We got to ride that. Then there were blacksmiths that made stuff. That was really cool. I am glad we got to do that. My parents are really smart.


Sorry, but we are going to have to move to a new subject. Until next time, eat more candy!


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