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Live Streaming

We got to the campground and we were excited to find out they had…live streaming!


Maggie experienced the streaming by falling in. If you read Maggie’s you will see that she said that me and Daddy are scaredy-cats. That is not true. There was a cave behind the waterfall. There was no water there. Daddy weirdly did not duck down under it; I think because he was too tall.

There were tadpoles there. They were very big. They had an adaptation. If they stayed out of the water too long, they acted like they were dead. But if you put them back in the water, they started swimming away really quick. We spelunked in the water too. Crawfish are smarter than my dad. All day he could not catch one crawfish. I do not blame him because it was very hard to move quickly in the water. At the foam on the waterfall, it was very, very warm. But everywhere else it felt like {dramatic music} ICE. And I was kind of wary of this one spot because Maggie told me with a big smile on her face that it was warm. I did not feel any difference.

This is what we did today.

We used Heroine’s magical hourglass #book3 to visit Wednesday. We used Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak #book1 to sneak behind us. Do not be alarmed. We did not clone ourselves. Even if we did, we would have cloned millions of me. Because how can you not? We followed me to Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World. Yay! Whooohoo! I got a wand from Olivanders. It was ash with a dragon heart string core.


There was a Hippogryph ride and on the Harry Potter ride you went in the first four books. It was the boo-yahest, scariest, most forgetful ride (I couldn’t remember the spell to ward off dementors #expectopantronimus).


We got to eat lunch in the Three Broomsticks. Surprisingly they served very good food there. And very muggle-like food!

That’s all for now!

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