Now we go back in time ?>

Now we go back in time

Now we are going back in time to Thursday. Now I had braids and I looked cute. But that isn’t a mystery, I’m always cute. So, now to the blog, what you have all been waiting for. We went to all the movie stars houses. They were very fun to look at. We got to take pictures. I got to take pictures all by myself. I never get to do any of this stuff, but I’ve grown and I think I’ll get to do it next year.


So, we are going back in time one more day. It is Wednesday. We are going to Universal. It was so much fun. We went to this minions thing. We were changed to minions. Kevin or Stuart or Bob one of them switched us back to humans. After we had a dance party. So that part was great.


After that we had a little snack and my parents let us get wet and we weren’t even wearing a swimsuit. It was super fun. I think that was the second best reason they are my parents. The first best reason is because they are nice. And they are always nice even when I mess up.


My favorite ride is the Minions ride that I just told you about.

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  1. it was a great story. i really liked it especially when maggie said that she’s cute and she knows she’s cute. very cool indeed and it looked like u guys had a fun time. i wish i was with you.

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