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You read my last post..we have to go back in time one more day. We’re going to yesterday.

It was Saturday. The first night we did was went somewhere with space for trailers. And there was room for a car and a tent. I think Yellowstone used just as much space. We were at Yellowstone National Park.


Then we went to hot springs. We’re going to the night. We went to a ranger program..we have been to a lot of these this summer. I think it was really exciting because they talked. About a lot of things like geysers and hot springs..we even did an experiment. It was really exciting. I think you should volunteer for everything because it was a lot of fun. And there was another was one where everyone showed how the geysers erupt..there was a person who was ice who just stood there. There was a person who walked who was water..they were almost ready but not so ready. And there was a person who was the person who was ready to erupt as steam. Ranger Ben was the ranger who taught and they told them who would be teaching tomorrow. And he also told them who would be teaching in the auditorium. Ranger Ben was really nice. If you are a kid skip this. Seriously kids, skip this. It is summer and you are about to learn something. He was talking about hot geysers erupt when they want to. And I learned that geysers and hot springs are alive. It was amazing.


So that’s all for today. Bye! 😞☺️😊😍😄😄😅🙂😊

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