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Livin’ Lite

Has anyone ever seen the show Tiny Houses?  There are actually a lot of shows in this vein on HGTV.  I admit that I have seen these shows and not been tempted to live in a tiny house.  Not even by myself, much less with Dan and 2 kids.  Well, in retrospect, tiny camper living was not so bad.  It was aided by the fact that we didn’t bring that much stuff and we didn’t really *need* anything while on vacation.  The camper had a queen sized bed, loft and futon.  We never pulled the futon down, instead letting them sleep on the floor or on the futon in couch form.  There were some instances where a kid tried to crawl into the bed with us, but mostly they were happy to take turns between the other two spots.


In case you are looking for camper living, this pull-behind isn’t so bad.  It features a propane stove (which we never used), sink, potty/shower combo, fridge, microwave/convection oven combo, fridge, storage cabinets, and the aforementioned bedding.


A few of the things that were irritating were showing in a tiny room.  Plus with 4 people, we would fill up the waste water tanks pretty fast if we were all using them.  We purchased a new shower head on the road and it worked great!  But that made us forget that we were sharing the water sometimes. 🙂


All in all it was a fantastic trip.  I would highly recommend a 3.5 week road trip to anyone that is interested in camping.  You won’t find me out there every weekend though.  I got my fill of hiking and looking at trees for a while.  I’ll stick to museums and indoor activities for the next few weeks!

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  1. It is fantastic to go on vacation anywhere, but only few people because it is small. It is only 4 people, but has the amenities needed to be away from home for a few days.

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