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Month: July 2016

Now we go back in time ?>

Now we go back in time

Now we are going back in time to Thursday. Now I had braids and I looked cute. But that isn’t a mystery, I’m always cute. So, now to the blog, what you have all been waiting for. We went to all the movie stars houses. They were very fun to look at. We got to take pictures. I got to take pictures all by myself. I never get to do any of this stuff, but I’ve grown and I think…

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Going Home ?>

Going Home

Thomas Wolfe suggests that you can’t go home again. Well after more than 20 years of living elsewhere (I’ve now lived more outside of NM than in it), I paid a visit back to the old home place. When we were living outside of Edgewood, it was still out in the country. Now, the town (city?) has grown like crazy and features a Walmart, Smith’s grocery store, Walgreens, and other national chains. Our old house is almost unrecognizable with all…

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Trip Recap ?>

Trip Recap

We are on day 4 of our cross-country adventure. A few lessons have been learned, a few adventures had and thankfully no more bad luck! I started my week with a bit of bad luck. Sunday afternoon I got a ticket on Hinds Blvd It is one of those places in town that you have to slow down, but has a beautiful 4-lane road. 40 mph just feels slow! So you have to make yourself slow down… I guess I…

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Route 66 Dinosaurs ?>

Route 66 Dinosaurs

<opener> Dinosaurs chase 4 innocent people. They ran into a museum. Which they changed to a dinosaur shelter, but they found out it was a dinosaur museum, which was ironic.   Guess what jumped out? A cricket. How anti-climatic was that?   Actual things that happened: The museum was very cool. It had amber. Unfortunately there was no mosquito amber. Though they did have a gigantic piece of amber, but I don’t know what was in there. There was a gigantic…

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Cowboys Out West ?>

Cowboys Out West

<opener> It was a dark and stormy night. It was really. We entered a cowboy shop. I didn’t know what we were doing at the cowboy shop, but we finally found something there. Its name was Del’s. It had a gift shop and they told your fortune. Actually that didn’t happen, but it is a great story. We went to Del’s and there was lots of food. Everyone was dressed like cowboys and cowgirls like in a western. We went…

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This is how you road trip ?>

This is how you road trip

I mentioned in last night’s post that we camped out in the Walmart parking lot. It worked out really well. The lot was quiet all night long and aside from the generator running out of fuel at 3:30 in the morning, we didn’t have any hiccups. It actually was cool enough in Wichita Falls last night to just open the windows and get a cross breeze going, but I was a bit nervous about having all our windows open with…

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