Route 66 Dinosaurs ?>

Route 66 Dinosaurs

<opener> Dinosaurs chase 4 innocent people. They ran into a museum. Which they changed to a dinosaur shelter, but they found out it was a dinosaur museum, which was ironic.   Guess what jumped out? A cricket. How anti-climatic was that?


Actual things that happened: The museum was very cool. It had amber. Unfortunately there was no mosquito amber. Though they did have a gigantic piece of amber, but I don’t know what was in there.


There was a gigantic T-Rex, which my parents completely missed. And there was also a sandbox which you could flood and turn into the sea. You could also turn it into a desert. It showed red mountains. When I moved the sand around I learned about depth and height. I also learned that Kinect sensors are very accurate. The Kinect sensors pick up movement if they are connected to something then something happens. In this display, when you put your hand over a piece of land it started raining. And if you clicked a yellow button it would become stock, and if you clicked the purple button it would become modify.

There was a dinosaur, which I rode on, Bootz. We got our picture taken.


One interesting thing was there were skulls of human heads. They had saber tooth tiger cat bones.

In the gift shop I bought a real fossil, an ammonite shell, and a geode. When I get home I get to crack it open and see how many crystals are inside.

Go to this dinosaur museum if you love dinosaurs. It is in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

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