Will can’t talk about anything in his blog ?>

Will can’t talk about anything in his blog

So today despite the name Will can’t talk about anything in his blog, because I am going to talk about anything!

So on Saturday we went to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.


And there was a little candle to help Jesus and there was also a poor box. img_6054


People put money in it so they could help poor people.img_6058

Then we got to touch where Jesus was born and it was super fun.

Then once we were done with it we went outside and I got a picture with a bell and a knight killing a dragon.  I am sad about the dragon because he died.

We had a lot of food.  It was super yummy.  And I, I’m just going to say, I love filters. <song about how Maggie loves filters but her mommy hates them.>

I’m King David Jr.


Did you know in Bethlehem they serve boiled eggs on the street?!?


Next to that we saw a United States nativity about Jesus.

On Friday we saw a motorcycle thing and in Bethlehem we saw the SAME THING.  After 5 minutes there was a whole big crowd around this dude.


We saw a temple and Will and I are holier than we used to be in America because we stood under an angel.  We saw an angel.  My favorite part is that there was a cool fountain with a lot of animals on it and I love the fountain.  The only part I hated about it was that the water was yellow.

Until next time, eat more candy!

3 thoughts on “Will can’t talk about anything in his blog

  1. Maggie, I enjoy your posts very much! I’m glad your are learning more about other people in the world. You can give them a ray of sunshine with your adorable personality and maybe they can encourage you, as well. If not, just thank God that you can give them a smile to make their day brighter!

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