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Month: October 2016

Will can’t talk about anything in his blog ?>

Will can’t talk about anything in his blog

So today despite the name Will can’t talk about anything in his blog, because I am going to talk about anything! So on Saturday we went to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.   And there was a little candle to help Jesus and there was also a poor box.    People put money in it so they could help poor people. Then we got to touch where Jesus was born and it was super fun. Then once we were done…

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If wishes were… ?>

If wishes were…

Let’s take a moment and write a little post for those who will go after me.  (Like on their #fulbrightteach in January!)  Currently for international flights each passenger gets one 62″ suitcase.  Which means you add length+width+height and the result is 62″ or less.  Suitcases can be 50 lbs.  You may have additional weight for extra fees or a second bag for about $100.  That means that space is at a premium.  In our family, our plan was to bring…

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Adjusting to school ?>

Adjusting to school

The kids started their 3rd week of school today.  There were a few minor things they had to adjust to: the “weekend” is Friday and Sunday, they wear uniforms, and they have to carry their lunch every day.  Surprisingly though, I was completely wrong about who would adjust better. To begin with, Maggie was by far the most excited about starting a new school.  She had been telling people for months how she was going to learn Arabic and make…

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