Digital Footprints in Palestine ?>

Digital Footprints in Palestine

We hear a lot about how everything we do online is tracked, and how companies can put together uncanny profiles of us from all of our public data (for example, that famous story of Target figuring out a teen girl was pregnant before her parents did). While the idea of privacy in a digital age is quickly vanishing, I was thinking the other day about how our digital lives do give us the opportunity to reconstruct thought patterns that we might otherwise not notice. Since Google allows you to access all of your account activity and search patterns (of course, “they” can access it too…), I thought I might dig through my first week in the country to see what my search history might reveal. [Link to timeline]

One thought on “Digital Footprints in Palestine

  1. First the ‘sink on the floor’ thing had ME on the floor. But then I thought it was probably used for washing feet before prayers.
    Your timeline has amped up my paranoia to new levels. I’m going to check my usage now.

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