Road Trip Podcasting ?>

Road Trip Podcasting

Our first day of our summer road trip is complete! We’re here in Wichita Falls, TX “camping out” in the Walmart parking lot. Don’t tell our corporate overlords, but I’m actually not a huge Walmart fan; however, their policy of allowing folks in an RV to park at their stores overnight is pretty awesome. We’re in a quiet corner of the parking lot and unless a fleet of semitrucks arrives for a 3 a.m. stocking run, I think this is going to work out really well.

And while our pastor said Sunday that there’s nothing like a road trip to make you lose the fruit of the Spirit, the first day went pretty well! The only thing we’ve forgotten to bring so far were the board games. We might have to pick a couple up…if only there were a nearby store which might offer a selection of board games. Perhaps one which offers the convenience of 24 hours shopping and daily low, low prices? Hmm…

Today I was able to listen to a bunch of podcasts that have been hanging out in my queue. I caught a few episodes of Random Trek, the first few lectures from The Tolkien Professor, How to Do Everything, and Cortex. Unfortunately my plan of using this road trip to listen to all the archived issues of my absolute favorite podcast, The Pen Addict has been squashed — Lynn has agreed, however, to read my book for my summer seminar to me while I drive so that she doesn’t have to listen to 8 hours a day of Myke and Brad. Who needs Audible, right?

Gas Mileage Report

1st Tank – 19 mpg (whoa!)

2nd Tank – 7 mpg (huzzah for Dallas traffic!)

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