Adventures in babysitting puppies ?>

Adventures in babysitting puppies

On Friday, we went to Aunt Gloria’s house.  There were almost 1,510 puppies and dogs.  It was fun.  We got to play fetch with the momma dog, named Marlee.  We threw a frisbee and she went and got it.  The baby puppies peed all over their cage and they had just had a bath!  It was bad and stinky.  Everything was so fun.  There was a music room. There were puppies.  There were peppermints.  I could go on and on about what they had, but it almost time to leave.  I hope you liked it!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in babysitting puppies

  1. Thanks for coming and puppy sitting for me! Also, my piano needed some attention. Thanks for helping me out there, too. Have a great time on all your coming adventures–and don’t forget to send pics….lots of pics!!!

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