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My hovercraft is full of eels ?>

My hovercraft is full of eels

It’s been fun playing with language the past few weeks. I spent the first week trying out the Hebrew expressions that a nice girl on the plane ride over shared with me. Now that I’ve completed our first week in Palestine, I’ve switched over to Arabic. Basically, all I know are some survival Arabic expressions, but I’ve been using them on anyone who will listen. It’s pretty amazing how quickly you can pick up some phrases when you’re immersed in…

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Joys of Cleaning & Water Reclaiming Dryers ?>

Joys of Cleaning & Water Reclaiming Dryers

We made it to our apartment! The location is ideal — it’s in a very safe neighborhood, incredibly close to the kid’s school, just down the road from a nice supermarket (just about as close as the Carnival was when we lived in Fort Worth — a block and a half maybe?), and very near a taxi stand with servees (shared taxis) running to the city center for 3 shekels a ride (about 75 cents). What wasn’t so ideal was…

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What’ll ya have? ?>

What’ll ya have?

We made it to Atlanta and have a few hours in the international terminal before the red-eye to Amsterdam. Much swankier than I expected, though Will & I skipped the fine dining and opted for the airport version of this Atlanta landmark… Will ordered the naked dogs with extra bacon (I don’t think he knows that bacon may be in short supply soon), while I had to go with chili dogs. Not exactly the downtown experience, but pretty tasty all…

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Along for the ride ?>

Along for the ride

Just a couple more nights in Mississippi, and we’ll be off for our grand adventure. As my Dean of Students told me today, “Congratulations, but really I should tell that to your wife; aren’t you just along for the ride?”  Yep, that’s my official role on this trip – along for the ride. 🙂 Today, I brought all my students to the lab that we’re going to use this semester. I’m teaching my classes via webcam and with a telepresence…

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