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Author: Will Fuller

When Puppies Attack ?>

When Puppies Attack

It was a dark and stormy night. A truck pulled up. Three people walked out. They had forgotten their umbrellas. They opened the gate and they went inside the gate. And they were ATTACKED by puppies! What really happened: We pulled up and opened the gate. Maggie was immediately attacked by a dog. Maggie recovered and we went inside our aunt’s house. Inside were PUPPIES! Duh duh dun! There names were Blackbeard, Nemo, Christopher Columbus, Daisy, Dad, Murray, and Mill…

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How to make something disgusting and the Hattiesburg Zoo ?>

How to make something disgusting and the Hattiesburg Zoo

Get 1 cup of cornflower. Get 1/2 a cup of water. And green food coloring. Mix and chase sister with. (no offense sisters out there.) I went to the zoo this week.  I saw lots of animals including a tiger.  The great thing was that I was taller than the entire body.  I was just below the eye on the scale of a tiger.  I also saw a peacock.  Weirdly, he sounded like a howler monkey. I also saw ringed…

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